Custom Sheet Metal
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Custom Sheet Metal

Benefits of Custom Sheet Metal Solutions

Both commercial and residential HVAC contractors understand the need for products that are designed specifically for the space in which they are working. Custom sheet metal products not only simplify the installation or renovation process but also contribute to the efficiency and longevity of the system. At Metroplex Sheet Metal, we are proud to specialize in customized sheet metal solutions of any dimension.

Our Process for Custom Sheet Metal Manufacturing

We assist countless contractors with customized sheet metal solutions for their residential and commercial HVAC projects. Our process begins by quoting the custom project. We are proud to offer our high-quality sheet metal products at rates that reflect the industry standard.


The Metroplex Sheet Metal team uses a full range of manual and automated tools to create your custom pieces. We believe this provides us with the opportunity to perfect each product. Our custom sheet metal products can be made using galvanized metal, paint grip metal, lined metal, unlined metal, or a variety of other materials depending on your project needs.


Because we maintain an in-house inventory, we are able to produce your custom products quickly, offering a fast turn-around time that larger manufacturers can not provide. This allows you to stay on track with your projects, delivering the best quality HVAC services to your customers. 

Benefits of Custom Sheet Metal for Residential Projects

When we create custom sheet metal products for commercial or residential use, we are able to use a material that best suits the situation. Because of this, the product will have greater durability and longevity. By customizing the parts you need for an upcoming job, you are able to create them to reflect the unique angles, dimensions, and structural elements of the space. Because of this, you eliminate frustrations during installation while providing a higher-quality end result. 


While many contractors wrongly believe that custom products will cost a premium rate, this is not the case at Metroplex Sheet Metal. We are passionate about providing commercial and residential HVAC contractors with access to the customized solutions they need at competitive rates. In fact, many times, customized sheet metal solutions are less expensive in the long run as you can eliminate excess materials needed for workarounds with standard parts. 

Experienced Sheet Metal Manufacturer in North Texas

Although we specialize in custom sheet metal products of HVAC contractors, we also have a large selection of standard products ready for your use. Manufactured with the same high-quality materials and attentive workmanship, our sheet metal solutions easily outperform others in the industry. Some of the standard products we offer include plenums, spiral ducts, rectangular ducts, racks, furnace stands, and drain pans. Our team is passionate about helping contractors find the best solution for their needs, always looking for ways to serve our customers more effectively.


With over 25 years of experience, the team at Metroplex Sheet Metal knows what it takes to manufacture and create top-quality sheet metal solutions for both residential and commercial use. Are you interested in learning more about custom sheet metal solutions for your upcoming project? Contact our team today for a custom quote or additional information on getting started. We look forward to working with you!

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